Rozen vouwen van geld

Hallo allemaal, Omdat jullie allemaal veel gereageerd hebben op het artikel over het creatief met geld zijn, hier een voorbeeldje. Helaas wel in Engels, maar de plaatjes vertellen genoeg...

I LOVE folded roses, they may take a couple of attempts to achieve good results, but once the knack kicks in, you will do them perfectly in no time!

The wider the strip of paper, the taller the rose will rise from the page, you control the spread ( width of rose) by how many times you wind the paper around the tool. Wider paper is slightly easier when you first start, say 9mm or 1cm?

Hold the SLOTTED TOOL in your natural writing hand and slip the paper strip into the slit along the side of it's shaft, keep near the tip of the tool.

NOTE! I changed hands here and placed the tool into my RIGHT hand to commence winding.

Commence winding by turning the handle a few times to create what will be the centre of the rose.

Fold down the free end of the strip at a 45deg angle to the handle ( as above) and continue to wind this now folded strip onto the tool, until the fold is gone and your free edge strip is facing out straight out from the side again.

Try to allow the fold (which forms the rose petals) to flare out at the TOP and yet hold the paper closer to the tool at what will be the rose bottom. ( this ensures the cup shape of the rose, the flaring out of the top of the petals and the close knit nature of the petal base)

REPEAT. Wind one folded section around till paper is out straight from the tool unimpeded and then do another 45 deg fold DOWNWARD and wind that onto your tool as well. See below how each fold creates a "rose petal" on the top half of the flower?

Continue these folds and winding until you are happy with the SIZE of the rose and then tear away the free edge of remaining paper strip.

Take your rose out of the grip of the tool slot and allow it to relax slightly and then arrange the rose with your fingertips or tweezers till you are happy. Push the centre of the rose ( the tight rolled part) down and glue the bottom of the rose to seal all the layers together.

Finished rose ready to attach to project


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